Stop Smoking Marijuana – 5 Tips That Work


If you are starting in your own journey to prevent smoking bud listed below are 5 tips that may make quitting just a little easier.

The first thing to do is create a journal or collection of tips to help discover all aspects of marijuana in your life. Reasons for smoking the medication, reasons for desiring to quit, how marijuana has influenced your own life, what triggers your cravings to smoke, health problems, and other things you believe is essential that needs to be contained. Bear in mind, it’s your diary.

Have a Plan

You want to follow a strategy. We’ve all heard it before however,”people who don’t plan. . .plan to fail”. That holds true when trying to break free of an addiction. Quitting anything that has turned into a habit isn’t easy and marijuana is just the same. It will soon be a psychological struggle and the ones which possess an action plan or program to follow will ultimately be more powerful as they were prepared for conflict.

Maintain Lively

It sounds simple and do you know what? It’s. Do some thing. Anything. Give attention to hobbies or projects, build a doghouse, organize all your small business and tax records, arrange all of the files on your own computer, exercise, go hiking, play basketball, you also get he idea. Just stay busy. Whatever is better than getting stoned.

Your Pals

I am sure most of us have friends that do not smoke marijuana. So, why not try hanging with your friends that don’t smoke? In the event that you need to keep on chilling out together with your marijuana smoking friends why not try out doing so in public places at which laws are enforced. You go out with those friends where they can not smoke pot.

Reward Yourself

Potheads get elevated as a reward for accomplishing everyday tasks that are everyday. Try rewarding yourself with something nice once in awhile. Order a PPV movie, go out for ice cream, make something special for the dinner.

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